Does any of this sound like you?


  • You get dressed in the morning and cross your fingers that your shirt is baggy enough to cover your muffin top
  • “Just. One. More. Bite” is your mantra as you stand at the fridge eating what were supposed to be tomorrow’s leftovers
  • You pray that new guy you’re dating doesn’t hope to see you naked any time soon (especially with the lights on)
  • You desperately wish you could feel more confident in your skin – at home, at work, and especially in social settings
  • You know what you COULD do to lose weight, but you’re just not doing it. You’ve fallen off the diet train one too many times


Yeah. That was me once too.



I used to wake up in the morning and struggle with the 3 choices of clothes I had hanging in my closet:

  1. My fat clothes
  2. My totally-outdated clothes (that I hold onto, just in case I gain/lose weight)
  3. My skinny one-day “wish upon a waistline” clothes


Trying to figure out which ones would help hide the extra 20-30 pounds I’d gained.


I remember like it was yesterday:

The pain of being at war with my own body. My own self.


And it sucked. Big time.



At one point, I hated my body. My life. And especially my soul-sucking job.


I’d come home, throw on my sweat pants (or yoga pants on a fancy night) and settle into an evening of mindless TV as I numbed my heart with a big bowl of microwaved popcorn.


But all that’s changed for me now. Which is why I’m here writing this to you – so you can have some hope that what FEELS impossible now, may very well be your reality within just a few short months.


 I used go to bed every single night, silently chanting:

“All I want in the world is to lose weight. If I can just get thin things will finally get better.”



I bet you understand all this more than most.


But the fact that you’re here today leads me to believe that you’re one of the few that still has hope. Who hasn’t given up, totally. Who KNOWS there must be another way to lose weight (without losing your sanity).


But you have zero clue what that might be.


  • You already know that hitting the latest-and-greatest diet just won’t cut it in the long run.
  • And you’re super-clear that your entire life would change if you weren’t wasting your precious energy and time bashing yourself silly.



You still can’t shake the need to get rid of these 20-30 pounds!!!


Oh, I get it. More than you know.


But I’m here to tell you that there IS another way. You just haven’t known how to get there (YET.)


Because I’ve been in your shoes, and I escaped that whole life.


And if I did it, you totally can too.




I want to tell you a little more about my journey from fat and frustrated… to feeling totally FABULOUS! And I want to share the steps I took – the ones I want to help YOU walk through, too.


Ready? Here goes:


Almost as early as I can remember, I was obsessed with my weight. By seventh grade I had already been on weight watchers a handful of times. Weighing myself every. single. day. became the norm. And I didn’t know anything different.


After yo-yo-ing my way through high school and college, my weight was at an all-time high and my self-esteem an all-time low.


Food became a comfort, and I’d eat just about anything I could get my hands on. Living on campus my first year of university I would indulge in a jug of chocolate milk just about every day. Except it didn’t feel like an indulgence – it was just part of my routine.


After gaining more weight that I could stand, I once again prayed for a quick fix. What I thought was a diet book borrowed from a friend ended up being a turning point in my relationship with food. I tried out new ways of eating, all centered around actually FEELING good vs fitting into my skinny jeans. For the first time ever I made the connection that food affected so much more than just my waistline.


An over-indulgent semester in Germany (aka the land of endless beer, bread and sausage) brought me to a tipping point. I’d spent three months stuffing my face with beer, bread and nutella. When I returned I knew it was now or never. I needed to make a change or my weight (and my life) would continue to spiral out of control.


I came home and desperately tried everything I could to lose weight, but when nothing worked as fast as I wanted it to, I turned to alcohol to numb the pain and disgust I felt with myself.


It wasn’t until a few months later that I met someone who helped me see how backwards I’d had it. I’d been waiting to lose the weight before I started living and enjoying my life. In a whirlwind of a romance that came out of nowhere, I started to see that I’d been missing the most important piece of the puzzle. I started to respect myself more, and over time I actually started to enjoy being in my skin. I discovered what it meant to truly take care of myself from the inside out. I learned about nutrition and I began to nourish myself with things far deeper than foods. I surrounded myself with things (and people) that lifted me up instead of holding me back. Over time I even started to fall in love with myself for the first time ever – something I’d written off as something only people from The Secret preached about.


Fast forward a few years, and I’ve never felt better. I said peace out to my comfy corporate job, and have made it my mission to help women who are stuck in that deep dark hole that I am all too familiar with.


before and after


Those were some of the most painful years of my life, but they helped me see that there is so much more to life than reaching a certain number on the scale.


And if you’re reading this, you know deep down there’s so much more out there for you too.

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